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Online & Live Workshops/Events

Do you want assistance in inspiring and helping Your team to grow and optimize their health and abilities? By connecting virtually or in Stockholm I offer two workshops that will inspire Your team individually and collectivley.

• Holistic Health in modern society – How to optimize your health.

In order for individuals to have the energy and motivation to continue growing and evolving it is important for them to be aware of the importance of their mental and physical health. This workshop covers the most common misconceptions about health and what we “have to do” and leave the audience with new and easy tools to optimize their mental and physical health.

• The art of your nervous system – Rewiring your life.

By understanding the importance and power of our nervous system and mind we are able to control how we think and act. This lecture provides the audience with new information and tools to befriend their brain, create emtional stability and take control of their own life.

“I think you are great at inspiring and give a sense of hope. It feels like your message was shining though the whole lecture and the message itself felt obvious when you presented it even though I haven’t thought about training and health from that perspective before.” – Olof

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