Lectures & Workshops

Do you want assistance in inspiring and helping Your team to grow and optimise their health and abilities? And in extension optimise the health and productivity of your company or team? I offer virtual workshops and events that will help reach your individual and collective goals and visions.


• “Holistic Health in Modern Society – How to optimize your health”

In order for individuals to have the energy and motivation to continue growing and evolving it is important for them to be aware of the importance of their physical, mental & emotional health. This lecture covers the most common misconceptions about health, what stress actually is and what we can do to improve our health with small, easy changes. The lecture leaves the audience with new wisdom, information, motivation and powerful “easy-to access” tools to optimise their health. The lecture is about 1,5-2 hours, leaving room for questions in the end.


• Mental health optimisation with breath-work, yin yoga and journaling

In a society that is imminently performance-based, mental health and rest has never been more important. These classes are 60 minutes long and is based on the challenges and goals of the team.

Breath-work: Studies have shown that we can heal diseases and illnesses with our breath only. One thing we do every day is to breathe and most of us have never been taught how to breathe properly to counteract stress, anxiety, depression and modern illnesses & diseases. The first part of the class will be focusing on our breath in different ways to calm down the nervous system and enter a parasympathetic state.

Yin yoga: The practise of yoga has taken the western world with storm. With multiple health advantages like improving strength, relieving back pain, benefit heart health and promoting mental health, the second part of the class is focused on a few yin yoga poses. Yin yoga is a passive type of yoga where we stay in the poses for about 5 minutes, releasing stress, tensions and trauma stored in the connective tissues in our body. This phase of the class is mainly to prevent injuries, promote relaxation and find a deeper connection to the breath and physical body.

Journaling: The group will be left with a few journaling prompts for reflection and growth within the group and individually. Journaling have been shown to reduce stress & anxiety, help achieve goals and gain self-confidence amongst many other benefits.

These offers will be designed to meet the needs and overcome the challenges of the team.

Contact info@rizzoholistic.com for inquiries or personalised events.