About me

Johanna Rizzo

When I started my healing journey I had no idea what life-changing ride I was in for. After I realized I was not where I wanted to be in life I was, by an “accident”, recommended to a therapist that changed my life.

My initial thought was to get myself up from the bottom of the hole I had dug myself. A deep grave of stress, worry and despair after failed relationships, redirections (then called: failures) and performance anxiety. After slowly getting introduced to meditations, trauma-work, schema-therapy, EFT-tapping (amongst other forms of nervous system healing methods) in combination with the best healer and teacher of all, life, I started to understand how the human body, mind and soul was connected. I saw that there was much more to life than just simply surviving. I could actually thrive in life if I wanted to.

I started to make changes in my every day life and also used some methods with clients in my work as a personal trainer and saw the incredible effects it had on their standard of life, as well as my own. Fast forward a couple of years, while allowing my curiosity and constant will to learn and evolve to lead the way, I have deep knowledge about the components of the human physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, how these components work together and how to most effectively heal from the inside out. But most importantly, I’m injury free, rarely sick, do not experience the amount of stress I did before and know how to regulate the stress levels in my body, I rarely worry about anything anymore and haven’t had one full “bad day” for years. I have stepped into my power and purpose on this planet with peace in my soul, in a balanced body, and I’m honoured to provide my services to souls around the globe.

In my work as a personal trainer between 2015 and 2021, I have clearly seen how physical pain, illnesses and injuries many times are based in poor emotional, mental and hormonal health. I have also helped individuals that want to develop and enhance their spiritual abilities, to find balance physically, mentally, emotionally and hormonally, in order to thrive spiritually, during this time. When you embrace all parts of yourself, and balance your system, you can move forward in life with power, freedom and peace within.

I invite You reading this, all parts of you, to this healing space, holding space for you and assisting you to hold yourself accountable and do the work necessary to heal deeply, I offer my support in order for you to give yourself one of the greatest gifts in life, the gift of inner power, freedom and peace. Within yourself, in order to create your own life. A journey to be authentically you, in your own unique way, because it’s the most precious thing I have ever given myself.

Yours sincerely, Johanna.

Pictures by Nour Elsaqa