Episode 11 – Consciously Dating

How do we attract the person we want in our life? This episode is all about dating and how to date consciously! Alice and Johanna are discussing the different dating patterns and what features in others they have discovered they are attracted to. Johannas dating life got a massive upgrade and Alice got the answer about her love life by a Monk in India! They share the lessons they’ve learnt from previous dating and relationships and how to not be afraid to open up to LOVE!

Episode 10 – How Would You Like To Get Naked For Me?

In our most RATED R episode yet we had the honor to interview nudity photographer and health coach Savannah Wishart diving into a conversation about nudity, BDSM, shabari (kinky knitting) and how to get comfortable naked. What is the difference between sexuality and sensuality? Why is nude art censored on social media? But most importantly – how can I love my body? Do you dare to listen..?

Episode 9 – Change

This episode is all about CHANGE! Why is change so frightening at times? Why do we stay in toxic relationships and situations even though we logically know it is better to leave or change? How does Johanna make progress while sitting on the couch doing nothing? How do we even go with the flow of life? As always, so many questions!

As Alice is walking around in a hospital mindblown and Johanna is sitting by herself in total silence we’re both thinking about things that we take for granted in life, how? Tune in to find out!

Episode 7 – Forgiveness

This is a juicy epiode about how we moved on from breakups, the roller coaster of healing, how to turn anger into gratitude, revenge (since Alice is a scorp we had to throw that in there too haha), but most importantly, episode 7 talks about FORGIVENESS! How do we forgive someone who hurt us? How do you get back from that? And above that, why on earth does Johanna need a sponsorship of men´s underware?? Enjoy the ride!

Episode 6 – Keep on Grindin’ with Max Pisano

Episode 6 is here with our first guest, Mr Fearless and Limitless himself, former “Elitstyrkans Hemligheter” (SAS: Who Dares Wins) participant Max Pisano! We got the opportunity for this exclusive interview talking about Baby Max, Messiah-complex, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and what Max’s instagram would be named if he lost his toe. So dive deep into your fears and ride with us! Like Max would say: Let’s get it, Let’s go!

Episode 5 – Communicate to Listen

We’re wishing everyone a happy holiday with episode 5 and this is all about how we communicate and connect deeper to people around us! Agreeing to disagree, being thankful for waiting, talking from an “I” perspective and then sprinkled with some spiritual ego, freedom and the veil of illusion! Happy end of 2021 and to a more loving 2022!